The problems of the information society affect all sectors of social and economic life. The exchange of goods between individuals and entities through the use of information and communication technologies, has laid the foundations of electronic commerce. The names of web pages and other resources on the Internet (domain names) through which goods and services on the Internet can be offered, have become an important subject of economic interests, while there is a lack of legislation concerning their legal nature, their use and resolving disputes related to them. This report examines some questions about the responsibility of registrants when choosing a domain name, the use of domain names similar to other means of individualization and promotion, transfer domain and others. The role of Internet domains has been derived as a significant factor in market competition, according to the regulation in art. 35 of the Protection of Competition Act.

On the basis of conducted study it can therefore be concluded that the Bulgarian legislator has regulated the imitation of domain names as an infringement of the established legal rules on competition and consumers' rights, which is leading to the conclusion that the domains are already subject to legal regulation and it is necessary to examine their legal nature through comparative analysis in terms of already regulated intellectual property objects such as trademarks, geographical indications and others.

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