LIBRe Stories is an initiative which sets to share with the public at large expert opinions on current issues in ICT Law in a comprehensible manner. The project was launched in 2016 as an expert blog and within six months has developed into an independent structure of its own which has started to receive interest from authors beyond the experts of LIBRe Foundation.

Through the LIBRe Stories platform readers could access up-to-date analyses and comments by established practitioners on different topics which derive from the legal practice, current changes in legislation, interesting court decisions, and latest technological advances in the fields of:

  • Digital Society and Digital Rights;
  • Information Managements;
  • Copyright Online;
  • Media and Telecommunications;
  • Privacy and Data Protection;
  • e-Governance;
  • e-Justice;
  • Security.

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Although these thematic areas are still considered exotic in comparison to the classic legal matters, each of them has proven its relevance and significance and reflects on major elements in our everyday life in the last decade. Digital innovations transform the society, economy, and industry in an unprecedented scale and speed. Mobile and Cloud technologies, Big Data and Internet of Things offer unbelievable opportunities in growth and social wellbeing, including health care, transport services, energy sector, agriculture, production, trade, and public administration. They could also improve the management process by facilitating policy makers towards more effective decision making and civil participation. The Internet has huge potential for fostering democracy, cultural diversity and human rights, such as freedom of expression and freedom of information.

These changes require consideration on how their scale and speed affect clients, consumers, citizens, and employees, including their combination in a single “digital identity”, as well as how social and private life, education, science, management, democracy, and business are influenced. LIBRe Foundation is dedicated to developing the opportunities and managing the challenges towards an inclusive, safe, and sustainable digital society, which would benefit as much as possible from the Internet and the digital technologies, and this is precisely the focus of LIBRe Stories as well.

We constantly seek opportunities to put the complicated policies, laws, and procedures into comprehensive language – so that they could be easy to understand and use; therefore we believe that everything we create should facilitate our everyday life and give us the freedom to develop as persons and as a society.

We are inspired by informed decisions, brave actions, and meaningful words. Therefore we are devoted to find ways for knowledge transfer and upgrade.

We respect each community’s culture and the diversity of opinions and ideas. They motivate us to support them through our knowledge, skills, and abilities and to contribute for their development towards a better future.

LIBRe Stories reflects the change and progress we are seeking. Become part of our stories!

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The publications at LIBRe Stories are presented into thematic areas, through which we hope to assist you in finding the publications within your field of interest. More information on each of the rubrics could be found on LIBRe Foundation’s website: “Applied Research”.
All publications and comments published on the LIBRe Stories platform can be quoted in other websites or in articles in the press subject to the condition of identifying the author, the publishing date and their source (URL address of the publication in question).